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Any HTIB Killers with HDMI?

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Well, this is my first post after finding a wealth of information on the threads in this forum over the past few weeks. Based on the outstanding information I have learned I am narrowing down my choices for home theather audio.

The HTIB Killer(Christmas) thread was awesome and, based on that ifo, I pretty much decided on the HK 240 as the receiver and the Dayton 12 as the sub. Still not sure about the speakers yet but we will figure that out.

One thing that keeps me from acting on the receiver is the lack of HDMI. Does anyone know of a machine with HDMI that compares to the 240?

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No response but maybe my question was not clear.

I would like a system
HDMI switching on A/V receivers is still an expensive feature, so you won't find it on decent entry - mid level stand-alone receivers yet. i've seen it on some HTIB's, but there are other tradeoffs with those systems that would make it not worth it, IMO.

i don't think anyone would recommend a JVC receiver over an H/K.

if i were you, i'd run my HDMI cable directly from the DVD player or cable/sat box directly to the TV, and use a digital audio cable from your sources to the receiver. that way you get HDMI quality picture and digital audio to the receiver.
The panasonic XR-70 has HDMI and costs arounf $300. It is only 1 in 1 out however. The newer model coming out I think in a month or two the XR-57 I thik has 2 hdmi in 1 out.
Thank you for the advice. I pulled the trigger on the HK240 today.
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