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Hello all, I certainly didn't intend for an inaugural post to be a troubleshooting one but alas, here I am.


I recently purchased an Infocus IN1144.  I am experiencing a large vertical band of brightness that is constantly brighter and slightly less focused than the rest of the projected image. This happens regardless of inputs or lack-thereof. It remains in the left hand side of the image at all times and does not seem to spread or dissipate at all. This is not an outside reflection from anything near the projector or the walls surrounding the projected image. I must also note that this is the second unit I have received with the identical problem. (both from two different retailers).  While it's pretty indistinguishable in bright scenes, pictures and movies, it is extremely noticeable in any dark scenes or dark colored menus, etc.

 (In the unlikely event anyone else on this forum has this unit, are you also experiencing this problem?)


I am unable to return this unit to the second retailer per their policy so I'd really like to know what might be causing this problem as I attempt to get it serviced by Infocus. Any and all ideas are appreciated.


Attached are photos for reference and better idea of the issue


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