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any improvements in Draper M2500

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At eh beginning of this year 2000, I tried two different Draper M2500 and had to return both of them, in exchange for a Draper M1300.

Both of my M2500 screens were riddled with vertical streaks and blotchy patterns that were highly distracting in light/white scenes. They also contributed to color abnormalities and hot spoting with my lcd projector. The hot spot followed me around the room as I moved.

Has anyone ordered an M2500 screen recently? Has the fabric material been improved or are the same old problems still there?
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I found the hot spot the least of the problems, as it was not noticable during mocies, just on blank screen.

It was the vertical streaks and blotchy patches in light scenes that were intolerable.

I toy with the idea of trying another M2500 as it would easily snap onto my screen frame. But I would have to hear from someone or two that they had received a M2500 recently without these problems.

It I had it to start over again, I would get the DaLIte HiPower screen that many Sony 10HT users say is a great partner to that projector.
I true 2.5 gain screen will almost always hot spot.

I did some testing and found that da-lite high gain screens that don't hot spot aren't very high gain. For instance 2.5 glass beaded hotspoted and had a gain close to 2.5. Their 2.0 pearlescent didn't hot spot but the gain was more like 1.4.

If you have to go with a high gain screen, my recomendation is to curve the screen surface slighty (if possible) just like a movie theater. This will help reduce hotspotting significantly.

I know I am not answering your question directly (I am no expert on Draper screen) But hopefully this should help you in general.

-Mr. Wigggles


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I went through 3 M2500 screens before settling on the 2nd one (with a heavy discount direct from Draper via the re-seller) because of this streaking.

After some time my dis-satisfaction with the screen got to a point where I wanted to investigate whether they've fixed the problem and could offer me some type of replacement material with similar properties.

After phoning the eastern rep and sending an e-mail followup at his request I received no reply from Draper. Finally after several months and 2 repeats of the e-mail (the last one copied to everyone on their e-mail list) I received a call from a customer rep. Now the bad news.

The rep indicated awareness of the streaking on the material/coating and told me flat out that none of the M2500 screens would ever be perfect and that these traits we are seeing are considered normal in this particular screen's surface.

In short, there is no fix, no option, to have a perfect M2500. This is really too bad because I really like the way the screen shows the image. I had an M1300 before this and while it was more accurate (lack of colour shift), the M2500 image is just so much brighter and richer looking.

I;m sure many M2500 owners have been lucky enough to get a sample that either has no streaks or the streaks are in a locations as to be unobtrusive. On 3 different screen shipped here though the streaking was in the middle 2/3 of the screen area.





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That's too bad about the streaking being inherent to the M2500. All those early reports of great M2500 screens on this forum were what lead me , and many others, to make the purchase. Perhaps those archives should be deleted.

As to the folds, you have to request from Draper or your dealer to have the M2500 rolled on a core. In fact this should be done automatically by them. It has been the M1300 that has been folded unless Draper is asked to roll on the core. I was told by Draper that the M2500 would be permanently damaged iof it was to be folded.
I strongly suggest that you ask avscience to order a replacement and that they request that it be "rolled on a core."

You can use the one you have until the new one arrives, and then refold it and return it. Keep the box and core in case you ever have to ship/sell the screen to prevent it from being creased.

Should you want to replace the M2500 with an M1300, I had to pay just a 15% restocking fee for the exchange. Again ask that any material you order be "rolled on a core."

My dealer arranged for screen replacement twice at no charge for the M2500. Draper even arranged to have the returnee screen picked up at my home at no charge. I'm certain that avscience waill provide the same service.
I also notice the streaks in the M2500 material. Draper told me (pr email) that this is inherent to the material, and that the streaks will be noticeable with brighter projectors. Since I live in Norway, shipping the material back will be about $180 (material only, not the frame!). Since i now have a bright projector (Barco Graphics 1200) I would like to try the M1300 or something similar instead.

I also asked Draper if using the back side of the M2500 material could be an alternative. I have not seen the M1300 material, but my understanding is that the back side of the M2500 looks very similar to the M1300? Draper said that the streaks would show even if I use the backside of the M2500. Have anyone here tried this? Any thoughts about the gain? I would be happy with 1.0. It would have been nice to know before trying, as my M2500 material is mounted to a custom frame with tape and staples, and isn`t that easy to flip..

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