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Any info on the LiteOn LVD-2010?

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LiteOn announced the LVD-5005 and LVD-2010. I've been trying to find more information about the LVD-2010 other than the fact it's similar to the 2001/2002's and has an Ethernet port.

LiteOn's website only has a small blurb on it on their website.

Anyone have any information on it?

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Why not just use HTPC if 2010 is designed to be connected to a PC?
It's designed to be connectable to a network, not just to a PC.
REceived this from LiteOn:

Sorry we have cancelled the 2010 project.

We will have model 2020 coming up in June. You can transfer your movie file from pc to 2020 by a

wireless adapter.

For more detail, please check our website later on.

Thanks for your interest.

Marketing Department

Lite-On (USA) Intl' Inc.

URL: http://www.liteonamericas.com
Very unfortunate, personally I have no use for "wireless" connections.
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