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Any info. review on byd:sign D5032 50" 1366x768 HDTV Plasma TV

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This plasma is at increditable price. Go to tiger direct to check it out yourself. I am just wondering is it any good though.

Anybody see this before?
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I can't believe no one hava any info on this plasma. Target.com seems to sell it too. How's target's return policy? Maybe I should take a plunge.
A 600:1 contrast ratio is pretty poor compared to the well-favored Panasonics (3000:1) for the similar size and resolution.

Also, there's not much detail that I can see about inputs from the on-line photos. I would be pretty careful on this one.

my .01 (worth half as much)
I've read a few things about this set. One is that the CR is actually 1:1200 not 1:600. Some people on the board purchased the 42 inch set and seemed to be pretty happy with them. I think they would be a good source for information.

One thing that has been a concern is the fact that these plasma sets are made in China. One of the posters on the board mention that transistors and such from China are low quality and won't last long.

So buyer beware.

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