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Any insight on future 6.1 DTS ES Discrete DVD titles?

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It would seem since most receivers now support 6.1..that more and more DVDs will appear with 6.1 encoding. I am most interested in 6.1 discrete... DD EX /DTS ES Matrix are "ok".... Does any have the same sense that 6.1 discrete titles will be come more common? Anyone have some insider info/insight to offer?
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I agree, I would like to see more 6.1. DTS 6.1 discrete is great. I wonder why Dolby did not do a sixth discrete channel???
The capability of their current codec doesn't allow for another discrete channel.
They probably realize that it isn't worth the consumer confusion considering that very few people have 6.1 systems. They already have Dolby Pro Logic, Pro Logic II, Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital EX. Too many permutations dilutes the brand recognition.

I have a 7.1 system myself and always thought DD EX was excellent sounding.

However, I recently moved and couldn't find an acceptable way to arrange my 7.1 system so I am back to 5.1 for the moment. I must confess that I do sometimes miss the rear channel though.
The limitation was there from the beginning with regard to Dolby Digital. It maxed out at 6 discrete channels.

Dolby Pro-Logic II, Dolby Pro-Logic IIx and Dolby Digital EX all came after Dolby Digital. Besides, the first two formats don't have anything to do with Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital EX.

It's not based on combinations, permutations or ignorant customers. It's as simple as if they could they would, but they can't so they won't.
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