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I'm wondering if anyone in the area might have an interest in helping a fellow Madisonian (with a completely untrained audio ear) diagnose what might be the problem with his system.

I purchased some new speakers a few weeks ago (Salk Song Towers) and I swear that they don't sound right. In fact, I often find myself with a headache after just a few minutes of listening.

I've tried swapping cables and source players but it hasn't made a difference. So, I'm thinking either (1) problem with amp or pre-amp (Emotiva LMC-1/LPA-1) (2) problem with the speakers or (3) there is nothing wrong and I am imagining things (or I just really preferred the sound of my old speakers).

Anyway, I would just really like to get someone else's opinion who has a better ear for this stuff than I do.

Please shoot me a PM or an email ([email protected]) if you might be willing to help me out.

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