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Any more personal Maggie MMG W reviews out there?

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Any more impressions out there? Thanks.
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I have a pair of these. I waited 3 months for them, and with the 60 day trial and the $300 price tag this was a no brainer, and the shipping was only $12.

First, these are light and easily placed wherever. They mount on the wall in minutes.

These would be perfect for a plasma or projector as they don't take up much space.

Now to the sound: For the money, phenomenal -- if you are in the sweet spot. I'd say better than most speakers costing 8x more. You have to have a nice subwoofer with these, I used a HSU Vtf-2. The MMG-Ws sound best if I turn my surrounds on a tad to fill in the room. Then the speakers disappear and sounds like a concert performance. One suprise: drums sound fantastic on the MMG-Ws. Spin up Steely Dan's 'Hey Nineteen' and Becks 'Golden Age' and your jaw will drop.

If you are not in the sweet spot they sound OK. But this is minor. For casual listening they sound good enough. And for critical listening you will be in the

catbird seat.

Summing up, these are really great, versatile and inexpensive. Buy six of em and experiment! You really can't go wrong with these at $300.
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Thanks for a great review. Did you get the MMG C center yet?
I haven't seen a review or heard the new center.

I didn't order the center as I am still up in the air on some house remodeling and have not decided on the final room configuration. I may have enough room to go with bigger maggies for fronts, so I'd then use the MMG-Ws as surrounds. I'd also be interested in more info/reviews about the MMG-C, or if anyone has used MMG-Ws as surrounds?

Anyone got the MMG-C yet?
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