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Any new News on a la carte???

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I haven't heard much about ALC recently, but I was reading a short interview with Kevin Martin in the Parade magazine that comes with the Sunday Philly Inquirer.

There was a question asked about ALC and he gave the standard answer from 6 months ago.

Has anything happened recently or is the FCC more concerned right now with the digital transition? I ask because I read the thread about Dish offering an HD-only package for $30.

I would love for Comcast/VerizonFios to offer an HD-only package for "not-a-lot" of money. Any chance that will happen ... or will I have to wait for ALC?

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You never know what competitive pressures might cause one company to do. (The Dish $30 offer seems clearly a reaction to DirecTV's massive addition of HF channels.)

But there has been no new news lately on the a la carte front.
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