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Any night time players out there?

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Hey whats up my gamertag is zero zep and im just lookin for some people to either play gears of war, virtual tennis 3 or graw2. I work a night shift at a hopsital and hardly ever get to play with my friends. So if there are any night owls out there, go ahead and shoot me a pm.
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What do you do at the hospital?

I pretty much online play at night. 1-4 EST. I don't have Virtua tennis, but I play lots of Gears and GRAW2. Check me out. My GT is Shizelbs.
You 'work' at a hospital but play games while you do it?
no what I'm saying is that because I work at the hospital (nightshift) I spend all the time that I'm awake at night....so on my days off I keep myself up at night to stay used to it. So when I game its always in the middle of the night when no one else I know is up.

You 'work' at a hospital but play games while you do it?

hes probably a surgeon
Insomnia players are down statistics show because of the higher amounts of sleeping medications on the market!
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Add me I'm on from 12am-4am Hawaii time
AmbienCR - safe and low addiction profile. Wicked.
if ya dont have the new maps or play on the original maps then I can play.

Originally Posted by Uegis /forum/post/0

AmbienCR - safe and low addiction profile. Wicked.

Yeah the cooking in your sleep medicine. LOL

I am usually on 12a to 4a EST and I can do GOW and GRAW2. Though I am trying to squeeze in H3 team matches as much as I can til 6/10.

GamerTag: CrzyCracka
great thread. i'm an RN and also work nights at a hospital and on my days off i sleep all day and am up all night. the timing throws me off. nothing else to do at night but play my xbox 360 and ps3. oh yeah, i'm on central time. add me guys:

gamertag and psn is: flipedrain
I work second shift too I am usually on until 2 or so Eastern time GT=rahimlee54.
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