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Any other tricks for eliminating overscan?

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I'm using an ATI AIW 800XT into a Sony VPL HS-20 with Power Strip. ATI tech support has been totally unhelpful, only telling me I need third party software (hence the Power Strip). Forum users here have been helpful (see other OKMD threads), but it hasn't resolved the overscan. I thought I was using Power Strip incorrectly because I could never remove the overscan. Now I'm reasonably certain that I've simply found multiple resolutions that work with my projector, but that overscan is a whole separate issue.

One forum user told me I could resolve the issue by using a DVI-HDMI cable instead of a DVI-DVI cable, but didn't give an explanation. That's not a cable I will have any other use for, so I'm reluctant to make the purchase without a reason why that would resolve my problem all by itself.

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Did you try the rez in a rez instructions I posted for you in the other thread?
You bet. I've done everything that anyone has posted for me to try, correctly as far as I know. Still have the overscan.
What happened when you tried the rez in a rez utility?
It looked exactly the same.

What do you think of the DVI-HDMI cable vs. DVI-DVI cable idea?
What I am asking is did the black box pop up and did you drag it to the size of the (visible) screen and hit ok? If so even after rebooting the new rez wont be automatically installed. It will be in the list of user defined resolutions awaiting selection. You will need to go back to that (custom-> user defined) list and select the new rez and try it.

As for switching to DVI, I am not sure it will do anything to help. You still may need to make a usable resolution to offset the overscan.
You can set custom playback sizes in video apps like Zoomplayer. It won't help for anything other than playing back video (with that app), but it will solve overscan for that.

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