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Hey Irvin

I just bought a dsp-3400 a month ago. I'll give you a synopsis of this thing.

Simply put....It's a Monster. The build quality is excellent. For performance, this thing will easily out-muscle a pw-2200 v2. A friend of mine has a 2200 and there is no comparison on the bottom end output between the two. The dsp-3400 will easily go subsonic with no apology and all output is effortless. Power delivery is smooth and there is no boominess whatsoever. It is a very controlled sub. I use it strictly for movies. The rumble is very forcefull and explosions are devastating. I had 30 days from my dealer to try it out and I can tell you there is no way I would return this. This is the last subwoofer I'll ever buy short of a sizeable lottery win.

To justify a real appreciable difference in output for the money it costs, I would go up to an SVS pb ultra13 and be done with it. Short of the SVS I'll stick with this. I auditioned other subs and liked this the best. Make sure you don't mind size because this thing has a lot of it.

Hope this helps.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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