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Any rumor of Samsung releasing 65"-70" plasma next year please? What about Panasonic?

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I initially was set to get a 60 inch set, but now that I've seen the Panasonic 65 inch set, I don't think I can settle for anything less!

I didn't realize there is such a significant and easily recognizable size difference between 65 and 60, and even 63. In fact, I would even go for something as large as 70, if price is within $5000.

Because of Panasonic's rising & floating blacks problem, I am leaning towards Samsung. Problem is, Samsung is a 63 set, therefore the above question. I assume we'll find out more at CES, but rumor anyone?
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63-65 is no biggie

Panny only looks biggie because of the ugly thick bezel
Panasonic will definitely make 65-inch sets -- new models -- next year.

Samsung most probably will not.
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