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Any salvation for a 'cleaned' Da-Lite screen?

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After reading other posts on this topic, I suspect that I'll have to replace the material, but I'd like any suggestions on this problem before I spend the $$$.

When my system was installed, the fellow who set it up put a small, round, black sticker to indicate the screen center, which was used to provide a reference for converging all the inputs.

As I became more familiar with the picture, I noticed a small dot that was brighter than the rest of the screen. It turned out that the sticker left some glue on the screen. I had the fellow come back to 'clean' the screen when he fixed a few other things in the set up. (I think he used mineral spirits on a paper towel).

Anyway, to make a long story short, I now have a larger spot that is duller than the rest of the image, which is highly annoying!!

Any suggestions before I order a replacement screen?

BTW the screen is a Da-Lite 90 x 51, Da - Snap/Velcro 16:9Â*Cinema Vision Video Screen...

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Oh Boy!!!

The problem with applying any solvent to the screen material is it may dissolve either the reflective surface or the binder that holds the reflectve material to the backing. It sounds like you are at the "I've got nothing to lose" point however. I know that this would drive me crazy since any imperfections always catch my eye to the exclusion of all else at times. I would contact the manufacturer for any advice. They know exactly what went into the screen so any chemical interactions could be discussed. I do think that the mild detergent and warm water thing would be fairly safe(dabbing). If nothing else you could dilute the effect to make it less visible. Use a sponge that leaves no residue itself.

good luck!
Bart, I hope you "enlightened" this guy about what he did. I wouldn't hesitate about making him or his company pay for a new screen. I just can't believe someone in the business of converging projectors would do something this stupid. It sounds like you have a handle on your frustrations a lot more than I would be http://www.avsforum.com/ubb/smile.gif
Thanks for your suggestions and emotional support...I AM MORE THAN LITTLE TICKED OFF!! There, I got it off my chest...
Sorry to hear you suffered this damage.

It's not just the amateurs that do this. I had a very well-known ISF guy do this to my screen. I was concerned when he started but he assured me that this tape was special.

My screen ended up with 9 (count them!) rectangular tape marks.

Regards, Peter
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