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Any sets with a good solution for 2 TVs in the same room?

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Hey everyone.. I've had my AV head buried in the sand for a few years. I want to have 2 LCD TVs in my basement side-by-side.. but of course that makes the remote control issue a problem. It seems like this should be solved with bluetooth or wifi or something by now. Is this a feature on "commercial" displays? I imagine bars have the same issue. Any ideas?
TCL uses Roku but are apparently not compatible with the "Roku TV" remotes. :(

In the past I'd use a URC remote with light blocking IR mice.. but these days the universal remote space also seems crazy fragmented.

Can I dream the era of "smart" things that don't do anything smart can end soon? Probably not eh.
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The easiest thing I can think is to use a signal repeater after your source, rather than using the TV apps. So for example, you would plug your cable box/streaming stick/whatever into an HDMI repeater which sends the same image to both displays, but only requires a single remote to control the source itself. That wouldn't solve volume, but that could be solved by using an external audio device.

For example: Source Device (media streamer, game console, cable box, disc player, etc.) > soundbar/receiver > HDMI repeater > TV 1 and TV 2
Are you wanting to use 2 remotes ? In that case, yes, there are TV's that use Bluetooth remotes. My Sony 900H is Bluetooth and IR... Could tape over the IR emitter and then a remote would work by bluetooth only (although not 100 % if need IR for power on).
Yes, I want to use 2 remotes to control them independently, so the source idea wouldn't work. Greg, thanks for the lead on the Sony, I will download the manual and see how the remote pairing works.

It seems like this would be a common problem in sports bars, airport lounges, etc.. but doesn't seem obviously solved either.
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