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Any shops in the Akron/Canton/Cleveland area...

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I have been trying to find a store in the Akron/Cleveland/Canton area that has digital PJs. I would like to see a few LCD?DLP to determine what would suit my taste better, or if rainbows will be a problem for me. Any place in the area?


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None that I am aware of the Akron/Canton area, except my basement, of course. :) Most likely 1 or 2 in the greater Cleveland area. It's probably gonna require a few phone calls to dealers to find a digital PJ demo.
Most of the frequently talked about projectors in these forums are not available at stores in the Cleveland/Akron area, but there are a couple of stores you might want to try (might be a bit of a drive for you though):

Audio Visions in Strongsville on Route 82 carries Sharp projectors (at last visit a few months back they had a 9000 and an older LCD model)

SecurTec/ Audio Video Interiors in Medina on Route 18 has a few different projectors (you might need an appointment...they push CRTs and a custom install, but have some very good demo rooms).

Some AudioCraft stores have one or two demo rooms with a projector. You would need to call around to see if the local store has anything.

William-Griffith in Fairview Park on Lorain Road had a Sony 11HT setup in the basement demo room a few months back (I haven't been there since).

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Off-topic: Anyone with HT's in NE Ohio interested in getting together on a regular basis?
I struggled to find the same. Belden Audio in Canton has a Sharp 9000 and 7000. Golden Gramaphone in Akron has a Sharp 9000 and an Infocus LS110. Band E appliance in Euclid has a Toshiba version of the LS110. That's about all I could find. I took a chance and bought a Panasonic 75U. That's what I have right now in my basement. You're welcome to come over and see it.


PS: I am definately interested in getting together!
I'm also interested in getting together. I don't own a pj yet but I'm hoping to get the Sony HS10 or maybe the Sanyo PLVZ1, will probably go with the Sony though.

There's a place in Brunswick I just found out about that is a Sanyo and Sony dealer (haven't been there yet) they're planning on opening a new showroom in a couple of months in Hinckley. Here's their info:

Protech Projection Systems, Inc.

2940 Elmer Dr.

Brunswick, OH, 44212

United States


Fax: 330-220-9991
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In Canton, HiFi Buys has a Toshiba DLP (didn't catch the model as I was in a hurry). I looked at AudioCraft in Akron and they have no projectors. They said if you make an appointment at their Cleveland store they can set one up. You might want to lookup a place called Hi-Tech HiFi in Cleveland. I was there a couple years ago and they had several projectors setup. They are also some of the nicest people I've ever dealt with in the AV industry. I believe they have moved so I do not have their address or phone number, but that's what Yahoo's yellow pages are for.

I'm definitely interested in a local meeting though. If all things go as planned, I will soon have a NEC HT1000 in my possesion. Who's up for a Akron/Canton area projector shootout? :)
Like i said, I'm game! I'll put my 400:1 contrast lcd against your lowly 3000:1 dlp any day! He He.

Seriously, I have the following equipment I could bring to a shootout for those interested:

Panasonic 75u LCD projector- 1024 x 768 400:1 lcd

55mm Hoya FL-D Multicoat filter

Dalite Matte White 4:3 100inch model B screen that is masked for 45 x 80 (16:9) viewing area

Iscan Ultra video processor (3 days old)

Mitsubishi True Progressive dvd player- 6030

Panasonic RP56 progressive scan dvd player ( I had lip sync issues with this player, that is why I got the Mitsubishi)

HTPC with Radeon 8500

I would love to see the new NEC DLP. Unfortunately, when I looked at DLP's I seemed to suffer headaches and eyestrain so I had to go with LCD. It would be interesting to see if that has changed. I'm not so sure I would be able to offer my house for the shootout though.

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Audio Visions was one I would have mentioned, although I noticed the other day they are opening a new shop in Solon (opposite the BMW/Jaguar dealer). This will be great since I moved from Middleburg Hts about 10months ago, and have missed a good shop so close.

As has also been mentioned there is an AudioCraft (Mayfield & something - can't remember, but the traffic is terrible round there).

Enough of that though, I too am looking to buy a projector very soon so would be interested in what we can come up with.

- Brett
It looks like a number of people want to get together to see different projectors and components…how do we move forward with this? I am willing to demo my SE13HD at my house with my components or yours, but I don’t know if I want to travel with it. Like everyone else, my room is in a constant state of flux. Right now I am putting together a HTPC, so I might be able to do a demo that also…if I can get Girder/DScaler/PowerDVD/etc. all working nicely someday.
Like I said, count me in! I'd be interested in seeing other's HTPC's too. I'm just starting to put one together.

Hey guys,

I would be interested as well! On a side note I used to work at Audio Craft in the Creative Entertainment division. I just Sold my 10HT and am looking for a replacement. I really want to see the HS10 in action before buying.

Audio Craft...I really had some good luck with the guys at the Chapil Hill Location. That's were I bought my Energy speakers. They had a Dream Vision pj set up the last time I was there but I think it was 800x600 DLP and overpriced (not that Audio Craft was over charging just that the pj seems to have a low bang for the buck ratio).

Maybe we could find a store that would loan or rent a pj for a "club" meeting??? We should probably wait until the HS10, AE300, and PLVZ1 are out. I'm really wanting to get a HS10 but I want to wait until they're available locally.
Thanks everybody for all the replies...I will have to negotiate for some quality PJ observation time this weekend. Though I don't have any equipment to add, I would be quite pleased with the opportunity to see ya'lls projectors in action. I could bring my 27" Sony for Poops and Giggles. ;)
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