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Any sign of the Yamaha DPX-1000 yet?

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Has anyone received the DPX-1000 or seen it set up and on display yet? If so, where? Weren't they supposed to ship last week.


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According to *************** (a projector import site):

"still not available; tentatively released,

but suspended. available in April. "

These guys are based in the Akihabara district in Tokyo- as such, I would think that they have somewhat of a line on the state of shipments for the Yahama. Anyway, that's what I've seen, for what its worth.

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Check Tweeter. Had them in stock as of last Friday.

What the hell Tokyo Direct is a forum sponsor?

I'm assuming that is what Adam typed.

-Mr. Wigggles
Nope, AVS won't let you put their website name (.com) in the forums. I never understood it because they have a link in the top of each page.
You guys don't check the Special Deals and Sales area do you?

Just for the record, ****.com does not have a physical store anywhere let alone Akihabara.
I got one last Tuesday.

I think they only had a small batch to ship to dealers but a lot more should be coming in soon.

Have you installed your projector yet? If so, what are your thoughts? What screen are you using? How does it compare with other units that you have seen? Is it worth the price difference compared to some of the other, less expensive products like the Sharp 10000 and Infocus 7200? Thanks in advance.
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