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I am currently looking at upgrading my receiver and need some suggestions as to what to buy. Any help or discussion would be great. I currently have a wall mounted Samsung 52" 120htz LCD model 650.

In the wall running to the TV I have the following:

1 Component Cable

1 HDMI cable

1 S Video Cable

1 RCA cable

(I currently do not use the RCA or S Video cables. I just put them back there in case I ever needed them so I would not have to take the TV down and fish the new cables behind the wall.)

I have 5.1 surround speakers placed in the walls of the room. I would later on like to upgrade to 7.1 so I would need a receiver that can handle 7.1.

Here are the items I need to have hooked up:

HDTV box using HDMI

PS3 using HDMI

Apple TV using HDMI

and a DVD player using Component video and optical Audio

So I need a receiver that has at least 3 HDMI in ports and some component ports with the usual optical spots and is 7.1.

I would like to be able to get something that is not going to break my bank either. Can anyone give me a good suggestion for a receiver that will handle my needs and give me a good quality HD video and sound?

Thanks in advance!

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Originally Posted by automag928 /forum/post/15543986

Check out the thread titled "Best sub 400 receiver" or something like that...lots of options out there...Pio 1018, Denons, HK, Onkyo, Yamaha...

Thanks! I just found that one and it has been very helpful. Sorry for posting before really diving in the forum for my answers.
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