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I currently have Marantz SR7500 that is six yrs old and it's broken at this point. It's showing the dreaded CheckPow5 code. I took it to a local shop in the Bay Area and they had it forever and didn't resolve the problem. There is one more authorized Marantz dealer that's two hours away but I'm thinking I might put this thing in the trash where it belongs and put the money it would cost to fix it towards a new reciever.

Here's my system to give you a little background. I mainly listen to alot of music, concert DVD's and we watch alof of movies. No gaming at all.

Samsung DLP HLR5078w HDTV (Purchasing a Panasonic TC-P55VT30 soon)

Front Speakers are B&W DM 602 S3's

Rear Speakers are B&W DM 601 S3's

Center Channel is B&W LCR 600 S3

Subwoofer is HSU VTF-2 MK2

Panasonic Blu Ray

Directv HD Tivo

Can anyone recommend some decent recievers in the $800 - $1000 range or something in that ballpark. I just don't have the cash to buy a $3k reciever. I need something solid that will drive this system and make me happy. The Marantz was doing everything I needed it to but it has crapped out. So give me some suggestions so I can start doing my research. I'm all ears.

Thanks, Frank

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HK AVR 3600 if you can still find one. If not then the new version AVR 3650. I really like the HK AVRs even if they are still missing standby pass through.
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