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Any universal remote can also control HTPC applications?

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I use my HTPC to view some DVDs, RealMedia and WMV files, etc. I don't know if any good universal remotes can control BOTH the components(like DVD, TV, Receiver, VCR, Cable) AND the HTPC applications(like Real Player, Windows Media Player, DVD Player, etc).

I have the One-For-All universal remote and it can't control HTPC stuff, seems Logitech's Harmony can't control HTPC either. Do I have to get something like iMon, so I need at least two remotes?

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Which OFA remote do you have? If it's an 8910, 9910 or 9960, you can get the code you need for the HTPC over the phone, most other OFA models can be sent in to have the upgrade added, and you can also add it yourself using JP1.
The Harmony 680 comes preconfigured for Windows Media Center out of the box. You make further changes to the remote setup and configuration using their web site.
Can Harmony control Real Player 10(after additional configuration)? I use Real Player a lot. I don't see a IR receiver coming with Harmony, how can it receive IR? btw: I'm using Win XP, not Media Center yet.
Unless I am missing something here, if your PC doesn't have an IR or RF receiver (for example USB-UIRT) and some software (like Girder), then no IR or RF remote can control it. With the USB-UIRT/Girder combination, any IR remote can control your PC. You pick the IR command by learning it to the PC then select what windows command(s) you want that to emulate.

So your OFA remote will work just fine to control the PC, once you have an IR receiver and software that can emulate keyboard commands installed in your PC that is compatible with the IR receiver. You might post your question (or search the HPTC forum) to get more specifics.
If you want to control programs I suggest you get an usbuirt and girder.
If you are looking for serious automation of both devices and apps, then CQC is what you are looking for. It's an all in one automation system with strong front and back end features, it's secure, and it's network distributed.
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