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10 April update: Please disregard this thread. Out of fear that they would either run out of the extension kit or stop offering it, I went ahead and bought it without the coupon. It's done. Thanks.

Hi all,

This thread is a bit ironic. Last month I HAPPILY gave away my Grizzly 10% off coupon code from Woodworker's Journal to a fellow AVS member. He saved a ton of money and I was happy to do it. :) I had exactly zero plans to buy anything from Grizzly.

Tonight I go to Grizzly.com looking for a zero clearance insert (found it) and lo and behold...there it was.

Tonight I found out that Grizzly is finally making the longer rails/table extension from the G0691 table saw available for the regular-sized G0690, which is the TS I have. I don't NEED the extension right now, but I would like to buy it now. :D You know how that goes. :eek:

If I can get 10% off, I'll get it now. If not, I'll wait until I get my next coupon. So if you didn't use your 10% coupon and would like to share a bit of good Karma, please PM me the code. Thanks and have a good weekend.
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