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Sorry if this post runs afoul of posting rules. I posted a FS post in the marketplace forum for RPTV's but I'm trying to figure out if there's *any* value in what I'm trying to sell. If not I may just chuck it.

I have an old Runco 5800 - it's a 58" RPTV that dates to around 1998 - the very early days of HD. It's based on a Toshiba chassis and was well reviewed in its day.

It still works fine - I use it with an Extron component -> RGBHV converter (the set has RGBHV input for HD). But like all things I'm upgrading to a completely different set up so the 5800 has to go.

The set is huge as was typical of RPTV's - finished in a beautiful polished black. It must weigh 300-400 pounds but rolls on casters.

So . . . is there ANY value to this thing? As a set? For parts?

Would love and appreciate any/all opinions...


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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