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Any word on the 2940 or other new DVD players?

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I was noticing that the 2930 was anounced a little over a year ago - not released till the end of summer or so but people new about it by April. I was wondering if there are any rumors of a new line of DVD players from Denon? I would imagine they are working on a hybrid player but it'd be nice to know anything about what they have in the works.
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Was the Denon 2910, 2920 and 2930 all released roughly a year apart? Was there even a 2920? I am not sure we will see a replacement for the 2930 this year. I could be wrong...
I have no idea about their track record, however the new formats may warrant a new model.
There is no such thing as a Denon 2920.

Usually every two years Denon releases a new player. The 2930 just came out late last summer, so it's still over a year away before a "2950" would appear. However, I think it all remains to be seen with the HD "stuff."
Today, BestBuy just posted a SKU # for the Denon 1940CI for $349! It has a 8-1-07 in-stock date but BestBuy's in-stock dates are almost never acurate, so who knows when it will actually street.
I wonder if they will have a standard def and a new format def player line or they will all be higher def format.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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