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Hi guys,

I m new with Yadis and I have some questions about the setup of it. I ve read the guide from mediasmartserver.net but I can t figure it out.

First thing I have to do is select a 'Dune interfacce location' in the setup and I don t know what to fill in there.

And second, when I selected my movie and series folder I have to make a 'Dune path'. Also don t know what to do exactly here.....

Here s my setup:

- Dune Smart B1 with lastest official firmware

- yaDIS 2.1.2 installed

- PC running W7 x64 with YaDIS installed on my C: drive

- 2gb internal HDD in my PC called D: with all my content stored on

- D:\\Movies and D:\\TV Series are shared

- 2 shortcuts in my Dune 'sources' to Movies and TV Series (Type: SMB, Server: Sander-PC)

- Home network with Dune running to my router with a cat5e cable

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cant really answer your question, as I don't have a dune or use yadis, but did you try posting this in the AVS streamer sub forum?

bunch of people there use dune, and some subset of them may use yadis...

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well i just setup a few weeks ago yadis for my neighbours.

first you need a sdcard/usb-stick for your dune.

there you store your yadis configs.

this way the yadis icon also shows up on the main screen.

1. 'Dune interfacce location' => the location of your SDCARD/USB-Stick.

could be networkshare or what i did remove the sdcard from the dune and inserted it my laptop.

so in my case it would be E:\\

try if you're able to connect to it over your network if possible.

2. 'Dune path' => where your collection is stored, beeing that my neighbours have a build in harddrive in the dune we use that one.

so i presume you will need to use nfs.

but use the browse function in the 'Folder:' to get to you collection.

then it's a trial and error to get the right path.

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