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I recently built an HTPC and bought Audiophile 24/96 based on recommendations on this board. I am starting to regret that decision...

This thing is BUGGY as hell.

1. The sound keeps getting dropped or corrupted when watching HDTV with MYHD card. At first I thought it was MYHD that was causing it, but now I think it is Audiophile that is causing it. When I increased DMA (to 1024), the problem was significantly reduced (but it still happens). And now the delay is very noticeable (very annoying). The picture is rock solid, so I know the information is there, but sound is still garbled (about once every 30 seconds - it used to be once every 10 seconds before I upped the DMA). It makes it really unwatchable and I am ready to toss this thing away (and my $200) just because of this.

2. When I switch between listening to CD and DVD, the sound never comes back. I have NO IDEA why this is happening. Whenever I listen to CD (close the app) and try to play DVD right afterwards (in Dolby Digital), the sound does not come out at all. DVD sound plays fine if the DVD only has PCM stereo. I am guessing the Audiophile does not handle switch from PCM to DD very well. It is bad enough that sometimes it takes 5 seconds or more to switch from WAV to CD sound, the fact that I have to reboot after listening to a CD is a joke.

If you have any idea what is happening I sure would love your help. I followed Xcel's installation process to the letter. But at this point, I would never recommend this card to anyone I like:)

Oh, I forgot to mention that CD sounds BEAUTIFUL. And it would be truly enjoyable if there wasn't annoying popping sound that appears every now and then...

My system:

HP Pavillion xt967

P4 1.3G

60G HD

256 MB RAM


WinXP Pro

Have SPDIF in from MYHD and SPDIF out to my Sony receiver

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