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Ive got a pair of M-Audio's AV-40 studio monitors with integrated amp. They sound quite decent and can fill a room even though they are relatively small. They are pretty detailed, as a studio monitor should be. My question is, given that the speakers themselves are 4 ohm nominal impedence and I was thinking about using them as a center channel in my audio setup in my room.

I have a Harman/Kardon AVR 125 Receiver which I quite enjoy.

For the current center channel, I have a sony SS-CN550H, which is a pretty good speaker as sony things go, actually really good as sony speakers that ive heard in the past go.

Anywho, on the fronts ive got 2x MTX Monitor 12's which are pretty decent, nothing spectacular, but I enjoy them.

I was wondering, if I used one of those M-Audios as the center instead of the Sony, would I enjoy a higher detailed setup overall? Or would the 4ohms impede (no pun intended) on the quality of the center?

Another question is, can my receiver jive well with a 4 ohm or will it explode?

Another idea that I have is somehow digging out the amp in the AV40 and connecting two in series. I dont know what the deal is, but there are no actual speaker inputs on the thing, just TRS and RCA, on the left channel since its integrated. But the right channel is just like any other speaker, which is why I decided to test it out. WHat do you guys think I should do?
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