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Anybody tried a different Mic?

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than the one supplied by most receiver manufacturers that is used to setup the room EQ?

I have recently bought a Yamaha 2700 and I am really pleased with it and truly amazed at the difference the auto-setup has made to my listening enjoyment.

I can't help wonder though just how good this tiny little plastic mic really is - I mean the whole setup is totally dependent on this mic being able to accurately interpret the full audio spectrum - mics that can do that are normally hundreds to thousands of dollars!

How can Yamaha (etc) make/supply a full frequency mic with every receiver sold?

Also I notice that the Yamaha mic is mono - so how does the receiver know which is the right loudspeaker and which is the left etc? My guess is that it doesn't - if you swap around the wiring to the L & R fronts it would probably say the left is the right and vice versa...

The way I see it is that the mono mic cannot diferentiate spacial speaker location other than distance by measuring sound delay.

Just curious.
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That mic is made specifically to work with that receiver for setting up your room.
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