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I need some help fine tuning my Samsung system. Below are my components:

-Samsung Plasma PN58B650

-Samsung Home Theater AS-730

-Samsung Blue Ray BD P1600

-DirecTV HD DVR HR20

Right now I have the Blu Ray and HR20 connected via hdmi to the receiver and the receiver connected to the tv via hdmi.

Anynet definitely works and is nice sometimes but somethings get annoying.

The good:

When I put a Blu Ray in or turn it on, imput is switched to it.

TV volume controls the receiver volume

When I turn the TV off, the receiver turns off

The Bad:

If I cycle through the receiver inputs it will turn the Blu Ray on even if I am trying to go past that.

When I turn the TV on, the receiver has to be turned on separately.

The receiver seems to switch back to TV sometimes when it is first turned on and other arbitrary times.

Anynet does not do anything with DirecTV

Because of some of my frustrations I have ordered a Logitech Harmony 700 remote.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can have this system work better together. I thought since its almost all Samsung that it would be more smooth.

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