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Anyone a wiring person here? RCA wiring question

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I have a problem.

I am a DJ at a bar in Manhattan... and I am currently their part time sound guy.

I need to run an audio signal from our first floor to our second. A wire with RCA plugs on each end would be ideal (either male or female would do).

That have a wire that goes between the two floors... its a tube of wire... that has two pairs of 22ga wire in it (four wires total - Black, Orange, Red, Green)... plus a silver wire (ground I guess).

I need to make this wire thats already ran between the floors able to pass audio signal. I'd like to attach an RCA connector on each side. A pair of wires would even be better (so i could run stereo).

What would be the ideal way to connect this. Lets say I have a CD player or a DJ mixer on the 1st floor... and i wanna connect that to an amp on the 2nd.

How would I go about wiring this? Can somebody help? Do i need special parts?

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It should be no problem at all. You can buy rca's at some place like radio shack and hook them up. Something like (right - red signal, green ground left black signal, orange ground) Just use the pairs for right/left and chose one wire in the pair for signal one for ground. You might want to solder the ends on for best connections. I am sure that is why they were ran originally.

Good Luck!
Hmmmm... I tried this and it didn't work. Any ideas on what could be the issue? Things i should look our for?
Maybe you wired it wrong.

It's a cable, with 4 conductors and a sheild...not much can go wrong.
I just had a very similar situation in my house. The original owner had speaker wire installed in the walls and I wanted to run my sub connection through it. I picked up a pair of THESE from radio shack (as suggested by Billped - thanks Bill) to make the connection easier, but you can do the same with any RCA cable. Just solder the RCA to the other wire, and it should work.
Before you start soldering connectors, test the wire! If the wire goes in one wall and out the other, you have no way of knowing what happens in between without testing.
Originally posted by DjPiLL
Hmmmm... I tried this and it didn't work. Any ideas on what could be the issue? Things i should look our for?
How's you soldering skills? Soldering an RCA connector takes practice. It is very easy to get a cold solder joint on the tip or to melt through the insulation on the center wire when you are soldering the outside connection.

Also check your wiring. Twist the one end of each pair together and check it with an ohm meter at the other end to make sure the wire is making it all the way through.
I am actually bringing my buddy over there for lunch and have him tone the wires.

I actually already bought four of these to make my life easier.


I thought I would get it no problems with these... but it still didnt work. I am going to try again later on.
If noise is a problem then going to a balanced line setup would be better to retain the audio quality. Line level converters from unbalanced to balance and back are usually available at most instrument music or pro audio stores.

Yes check the wires first to make sure you have continuity. With the same size of wire and converters at a radio station I had a run over a 1000 ft with no degradation in signal.
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