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I know the XA2 is supposed to have amazing SD upconversion, but to me, the XA1 is not too shabby either and it bests my Sony S1 BD player. BUT the XA1 I just got, even after firmware updates is acting odd. During a couple HD discs I have had slow downs, pauses, and freeze ups. I have lost sound twice also. I am going to end up having to return the XA1 and as much as I would love an XA2, the price is a bit steep if it does not offer much improvement over the XA1 or A2 even. I have a 1200 disc collection of SD discs so I will be using the player for SD.

I am just curious how much better SD looks on the XA2 vs the XA1 or A1 or even A2 for that matter. Ive found the XA2 in stock at a couple of places, and have my RA# for the XA1 - just want to hear some opions on it before I spend $900+. I paid $450 for the XA1.
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