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Anyone done with their calibration DVD?

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Is anyone done with their plasma calibration DVD and would be willing to sell it? I figure most people don't really use their calibration DVD more than once, and it seems like a waste of money to spend ~$30 on a DVD I'd only realistically use once.

Is there someone who would be willing to sell theirs to get some of their money back and save me some money? :)

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I use my AVIA DVD once a month, you have to recheck calibration since over time it may drift. Also geometry issues may not be adjusted over time. There are usually used DVDs sold at amazon and ebay and I've heard some video rental places may rent them as well.
You can get DVE for about half that price at Deep Discount DVD. You probably can't do any better than that even for a used one.
That is a good price (and site!). Unfortunately they are out of stock for at least 2 weeks. I need to troubleshoot my plasma fairly quickly so I'm inside the 30 day warranty period.

Anyone else know of a good place to get the Digital Essential Calib DVD for about $17 with free shipping? :)

I believe Best Buy sells the Sound and Vision Calibration Disc which includes the basic calibration tests.
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