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Anyone Else’s DVD-S97 Randomly Shut Off When Closing Tray?

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I started this thread because it seems this issue has gotten lost in both the "Brain Dump" and "Firmware" threads.

Is anyone besides bladerunner and myself having the issue of the unit randomly shutting itself off when closing the tray? I’m trying to figure out how widespread this issue is or if it’s just limited to a few of us. Unlike bladerunner, mine shut off when using the open/close button on the player – not when nudging the tray. I took a disc out, pressed the “open/close†button and the next thing I know the unit was off. This happened the other day but I completely dismissed it until reading bladerunner’s comments yesterday. I don’t even know the circumstances of when it happened last time. Although it is likely it happened when I used my MX-500 remote to close the tray (I stole the open/close code from my Denon DVD-1600 remote).

Anyway, my unit is a January 2005 build that I received from Abt a week ago today and came with firmware 85E536.
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I've never seen it on mine.
Thanks Paul and LiteUp! And thanks for all your help in the other S97 threads. Guess I'll have to swap this puppy out for another one.
Tony - was the S97 powered on when you opened the tray? I noticed the other day that if the unit is off and I hit the open/close button on the S97, put a disc in and hit O/C again, that the S97 went back to being off.

Didn't think anything of it other than the unit was off before and now it's off again.

I have never experienced a situation where the s97 was already on and I changed discs and then it shut itself off.
Eric - Interesting! I don't know for sure, but I will try it tonight and see what happens. On the other hand, isn't it odd that it would turn itself back off just because it was off to begin with? I mean, most likely the reason we are hitting O/C button is to put a disc in to play - not to store for later use! :D
I agree. Funny thing is, when I noticed the behavior I was actually simply swapping a disc from my DVD recorder to the s97 so it wasn't sitting out. So I thought to myself - hey that's a pretty good "feature" :)
The intermittent power shut down is mainly why I returned my first s97--it occurred occasionally before and after any fw upgrades--the build date was Sept.04...

I swapped for a new unit with the same build date and no upgrades and still occasionally run into this shut down problem with or w/o a disc in the tray. I don't think any fw can solve this problem but am wondering if using a surge protector can help in this situation. Anyone else?
jodeci - believe me when I say I have the surge protector issue covered! I have a whole house surge protector at my electrical box, then run a dedicated 20 amp line to a single outlet for the HT, and feed that into a Panamax surge protector/line conditioner.
I haven't experienced any power off issues after inserting a disk. Running v540 with Sept/04 build. I'm also running my system from a UPS.
I just played with the player for about an hour and could not get it to recreate the power off on tray closing. However, when I turned it on to do some testing, I noticed that the player had reset itself to its default settings - e.g., it set the TV to 4:3 rather than the 16:9 I had set it to, etc. Come to think of it, I did not watch anything last night after the random power off. Hmmm...

To be more specific on the glitch: Both of my s97's regardless of firmware exhibit this bug. Scenario as follows:

Unit is on, I open the tray to either remove a dvd just viewed or to put one in after powering up. I close the tray and "VIOLA", the player shuts off. If I hit play, it all boots and plays perfectly after the shut-off. This can happen after it is just turned on or after 6 hours of constant and beautiful viewing.

I can get it to mimic the shut-off routine when I touch the tray in the open position. For example, a gentle simple movement of the tray from the open lip in a slight up/down movement or gently nudge the tray headon, or even pull ever so slightly out(very slight to just a pressure in that direction). The player will shut off 95% of the time if I do those things. Sometimes if I just put a finger down thru the tray center hole or move the finger in that area, it can happen.

Viewing has been glitch free once a dvd is started. The player has behaved perfectly in all areas other than this. Since this is my 2nd unit, I am just keep'n it. I am curious about it but FAR from any serious concern. Like Sango, I think it will be a firmware fix.


I was starting to think me nuts!!!!!! A little digital teretz maybe???
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