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Anyone else want PS4 indies to come to xbone?

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Obviously it's a new system, but the xbla sucks,in my opinion, compared to the likes of Dont Starve, Trine, Flower, etc on the PS4. I get it, it takes time for devs to figure it all out, but I want some sweet games for us too!!! I really hope Dont Starve comes our way...
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I want all games to come to XBOX, but honestly I play few indie games.
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Maybe it's just me, but I'm a little down on indie titles right now. I purchased several highly regarded indie titles on X360, and most of them were disappointing. Limbo was rather short, FEZ didn't hold my attention for long, and I thought Super Meat Boy was a bit too difficult to be enjoyable. I did love Splosion Man (so much so that I was once ranked in the top 10 globally) and Ms Splosion Man, however, so it's really hit or miss.

I missed out on Don't Starve when it was free for PS+, so I haven't checked that one out.
Don't really care.
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Indie games tend to be just as derivative as the big AAA games. First you had a million puzzle platformers, now you can't avoid ten billion different first person walkers, point and click adventure, mining/crafting games and zombie games. OMG, so many indie zombie games...

There's still occasional gems though. Most of this stuff is built on easy to use cross platform gems like unity, so the thing preventing them from making their way to Xbox is business/developer relations stuff. Eventually they'll get it sorted out and stuff will hit the same time on both consoles. (After like a year or two of early access on steam.)
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