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Anyone ever been sent DVD instead of Bluray via Netflix?

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I had shoot em up (bluray) in my queue and today they shipped me the stinking DVD version?

Anyone else had this problem?

I'm going to call them about it today.
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I had it happen once, I reported a problem with the disc and they resent it within a day or two.

Also had an HD DVD come in a blu ray slip case once, but that was also fixed quickly.

Only have had one three problems with them, which also includes one blu ray that was actually cracked.

You could probably just request a replacement disc online if you don't want to call.
My very first blu ray rented from them was cracked on the outer edge and couldnt play. Never had the wrong version come though.

Did the envelope have the blue stripe and say it was the Blu version? Maybe someone swapped the discs at home and netflix thought they were sending you the right one.
Nothing new. I've had a wrong season of a TV series sent, SD-DVD for HDM, movie with title close to the one I wanted. Continue in this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=969946

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