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Need help designing a very well constructed, precise sub box. This is for mobile use. Really would like SQ, but Spl would be nice as well. I can not figure out Winbox. So anyone who could lend a helping had would be greatly appreciated. Any comments suggestions would be great.

I am thinking of going with a sealed design. This is a fairly big sub, so i would like to use HDF with a 2" front baffle. The manf. says that it only need 1cu. ft. But would like to use a fairly bigger box to help out with eff. i will be running 1000 rms to the sub. Here is the driver:

XXX 12"

Fs 27.0Hz

Re 1.9 DVC

Qms 4.52

Qes .44

Qts .4

Sd CM^2 480

Vas 56.5

Manf. is calling for a .8 cu. ft. sealed encl. (seems way to small for optimum output and sq.)


a 2.1 cu.ft. ported box tuned at 28 hz.

thanks for any help.
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