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Anyone has info on Panasonic PT-B2010U?

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A local is selling one but I cant find anything about it. He claims its never been used.

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"PT-B2010U's three CRTs and their lenses are optically coupled by silicon gel. This gel also serves as a coolant, enabling the use of the powerful electron beams required for optimum picture brightness."

Interesting. SC instead of LC.

htt[hate spam filter]p:// www.videolandproductions.com/rental/equiphtm/pv2010.htm
So what do you think guys...is this any good? Is it able to manage 1080i?

Sorry but I am a CRT noob.
You might get lucky and get it to lock but don't count on it.

The only mention I see about bandwidth is 30MHz and you need around 90Mhz to be sure.

Also as I have not seen one before parts might not be available.

What does he want for it?

It looks old so if it's not cheap I would pass on it.

You could find a pretty good 8" for cheap these days.

But then again if it's good then why not. You need to test it first to make sure everything works as it should.
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Well he is asking $200 obo so I was just going to offer like $100 depending on feedback from you guys. :)
It might be more like $50 tops if its in mint cond. I thought it might be newer than the PT1085 but doesn't seem that way.
Thats the type of info I needed...Im going to let him know and hopefully he will agree. :)
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