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I have a JU7100 and the off axis isn't the greatest. Anyone else have any opinion on the JU7500 off axis viewing?
I believe the 2015's CONTINUE the use of Ultra Clear VA panels and the Achilles heal of it is off-axis viewing.

Though even 9500 received rave reviews recently they noted the following . . .

"As is the norm for a VA-type LCD panel, contrast and colours do take a hit off-axis, so make sure you watch the TV straight on for the best experience."​

I own two Ultra Clear panels and there is a definite degradation that becomes noticeable at about 20 degree's and thus when I do my Movie and important sports viewing I move from my angled Recliner to front center couch sweet spot. Even the blacks during day viewing are much blacker. I view Dan Patrick Sports Talk Show every morning and easily notice the color/blacks on clothing change from my 45 degree recliner vs sweet spot. Plasma is extinct and had a half dozen of it's own issues and OLED would like cost double or more to solve that.

Otherwise reviews so far on the new Samsungs have been quite good to excellent. :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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