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Anyone have Outdoor Speaker Depot "Spitfire" kevlar in ceilings?

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I will be purchasing speakers for whole house audio soon. I have decided to go with OSD's in ceiling invisible line because of their clean look and I had a pair in a previous house and liked the sound.

I am wondering if it is worth an extra $100 per pair to upgrade to the "spitfire" ACE 850 kevlar models over the basic ACE 800 or 840 model? These will be in the main living area where i plan to have a 12" powered sub.

The specs show lower base response and the magnet looks about twice as big as the lower cost models. Anyone done a comparsion?
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Did you pull the trigger on these yet? I'm considering buying the same thing. What are you buying for your front 3?
I have not pulled the trigger yet but I am planning to. I have some exising boston accoustics bookshelf speakers that will be going into cusom millwork enclosures for the fronts. No center channel purchased yet. Plan to put in 4 pairs of the 8 inch kevlar "spitfires" and one pair of 6.5 inch spitfires for my whole house system. The price difference really isn't that much. Magnets and crossovers look more substantial on the spitfires. And I have saved a substantial amount by doing wiring myself. Drywall is going up in about a week and I think the builder wants me to wait until after tape and mud is up before installing. That will be at least a month

So if you get them in the next few weeks let us know what you think. Otherwise I will post once i have them installed.

I purchased a few pairs of the 6" and 8" outdoor speakers from OSD and they sound great.
Well I'm ordering in a week or so but I have much the same process. Have to wait for drywall to be finished. I will test fit them and check operation and wiring but won't be much to hear yet.
Have you guys installed these? I'm buying 5 pairs for a whole home setup and really like the price Are they any good?
I installed about 8 pairs of the 8 inch speakers throughout my house. Overall I am pleased with the sound. The one thing I would have done differently was to install a "backer box" behind each speaker or at least make a box in the ceiling joist at each speaker. Bass response could be stronger with these speakers and I think a backer box could have helped. I have a pair instAlled in an area where the air volume behind the speaker is limited and the bass response is much better. I ran out of time and energy when doing my pre-wiring and never got around to the backer boxes. But I am very happy with the general sound quality. And they have a nice low profile modern look to them which matches the decor of my contemporary house.
Bumping an old thread here - but am looking at OSD myself. now that you've had the speakers installed for a while, how do you feel? Still satisfied?
Bumping an old thread here - but am looking at OSD myself. now that you've had the speakers installed for a while, how do you feel? Still satisfied?
Yes I'm still satisfied with mine. They're pretty efficient. I can drive all 8 interior Pairs and 3 outdoor pairs with a mid-level onkyo receiver.
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