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Has anyone experienced any issues with displaying anamorphic content on their MYHD card in full screen mode?

I'm troubleshooting an issue with my local FOX affiliate and can't figure out if it is an issue with my local station, or MYHD card. Whenever FOX broadcasts a widescreen show, everyone appears skinny. It looks similar to when you improperly configure your DVD player and anamorphic movies are not stretched out.

The picture fills the entire 16:9 screen, but everyone is elongated. I thought it might be a problem with my overscan, but even when I set the TV's overscan to 0% vertical, the picture is still incorrect.

This is only happening on FOX and their 480p "widescreen" broadcast. ABC, CBS, and NBC are all proportional. FOX displays correctly when they are showing normal 4:3 material (black bars are inserted on both sides).

The only way I've been able to work around it is set the output from the card to 720x480p, the TV to 4:3, and the aspect to Letterbox. At 480p, my Toshiba 50HX81 allows me to zoom in on the letterbox image and display it correctly in the 16:9 ratio.

Their are two problems with this work around. First I have to keep changing the output settings when I want to watch FOX. Secondly, the resolution is really bad, being that the image was first compressed to letterbox by the card, then zoomed in by my TV.

Anyone else have this problem? I can upload a sample capture file if that might help.
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