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Has anyone heard the M&K 5000THX set? have you compared it to the polk audio rt5000p or the B&W THX hometheater set?

I can get to hear the polk and the B&W, m&K might be harder.

Over here they are 11k for m&k (without sub) 16k for polks and 15k for b&w (1USD = 2NZD).

I am a bit dissapointed with the polk pricing... most speakers overe here are about the same after currency conversion but the polks seem to have another 1/3 on top?? I hear only one company can bring them in!

I am looking for HT speakers but worry about how much xtra bass i might require with the M&K. As they seem to be so strict to THX do I need to supply almost everything below 80HZ?

Thanks ,

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