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Anyone here with a low ceiling and a projector setup?

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Looking for pictures of some setups with a low ceiling.. My ceiling height its around 6' 6", so i dont have a ton of height to play with. Just getting started in the planning stages of my projector area..

BTW, these forums rock!! Im learning a ton just reading through..
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I'm about to start a thread, with pictures, on my theater construction to this point. Before I started construction, my main concern was my unfinished ceiling height of 7'0. I finally decided, it is what it is, and with proper placement of the projector, riser and soffits, it should be fine. One of the things I was careful of in the layout was that when you walk up onto the riser the projector wasn't hanging in the way. The projector will be mounted directly above the middle seat in the back row.

After I decided where the riser and seating had to go, I chose a projector with the proper throw range and a screen size to compliment seating distance from the screen.

I've seen one design which seemed to address a similar problem well. It was a small theater of 5 seats, 3 in front row and 2 in rear on riser. A big "gap" was left betwen the 2 seats on the riser directly under where the projector hung, and a nice shared end table was installed between the two rear chairs. So, essentially nobody sat under the projector.

Since the gap size was arbitrary, it was chosen such that the second row seats were staggered off of the first row. This lets you get buy with a much shorter riser.

To top it off, since the two second row visitors would have their ears fairly close to the projector, it was mounted in a hush box.

Finally, are you going through the building permit process? Our local guys wouldn't give one for something like this, the ceiling is too low for habitable living space. They would force you to classify the area as C.4 Storage, and while they would let you build it, you would never be able to count the space in your total habitable square footage if/when you go to resell the house. That bothers some people, not others. I wouldn't let it bother me, but I wanted to point it out.

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My ceiling is 7'11", not exactly short, but not looming either. I have a Marquee hanging from a steel beam 1" above the suspended ceiling. My sofa is below the PJ, centered. You couldn't stand below the PJ, but sitting is no problem.

However, with the ceiling as low as yours, I would suggest using a projector table, and keep the ceiling open.
The front half of my theater is 6'8" with an 80" screen (soon to upgrade to 90"), a front row of 3 theater seats and a couch in back on a 15" deck. Works wonderfully. The pics on my site are not up to date as the room is getting a make-over. I should have new pics up in roughly 3 weeks or so.

Peace Out~:D
Well i am 6'5" so anything mounted on the ceiling would not work for me. How about on the floor in an enclosure. It depends on the projector throw distance, and room setup.
In my setup, I'm using a long throw lens and mounting the unit outside the rear wall.

I only have 7 feet of height, but plenty of distance and this eliminates the clearance issue and minimises noise at the same time.
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