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Anyone in L.A. area willing to let me see their X1 in action?

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Title says it all......I know they have a 14 day trial period, but I don't want to hassle with it without seeing one first hand.
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no one? :(

I'll bring over a 6-pack of your favorite beer. :D

We don't have an X1, but you can see the very very similiar ScreenPlay 4800 on display with us if you'd like. I still expect that beer though. :)

PM me for details if your interested.
I'm in Palo Alto (just south of San Francisco). If you are up this way I would be happy to show you my X1.
TYVM for the link and the offers.

This site is great.

The FREE evaluation is no hassle at all. it took me 5 minutes and i had an X1 in my hands the very next day..the best part is Infocus pays all shipping charges -both directions.

I've done it. Nothing special, you just need a credit card on file. I recieved an X1 the very next day after I placed the order. My impressions were, nice image but dimmer than I expected.. My Vidkron CRT rated at around 500-lumans was just as bright.. I think it's worth the money. without a doubt, you get a great image and an easy setup in a tiny (compared to my CRTs) package.

However if you want the most bang for buck and could Ceiling mount your projector then a CRT for around half the price of an X1 will give you an even better picture and much longer tube/lamp life. I did see rainbows on the X1 within a minute of turning it on... I never saw them again though.. but I did'nt really demo it for very long, perhaps a total of 2-3 hours total time.
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