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Anyone know about this LCOS info?...

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Here are some excerpts from a job listing. You can find the entire post by going to www.google.com, selecting groups and using the search words: LCOS RCA

Doesn't sound real good for the LCOS


"The qualified applicant will become a member of, if

not lead, a team of four to five people who are

developing systems to test and characterize the

critical parameters ..."

"Initial activities will include characterization of

lifetime degradation mechanisms. The qualified

applicant is expected to design, perform, and document

the results of experiments with the goal of improving

the performance of LCOS displays."


The post was made on 10/2/01!

Anyone have the inside scoop on this. I (and I know many others) have been waiting anxiously for this or Samsung's fLCD to become available. The promise seems so compelling. I hope the engineers can work the problems out.

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I wouldn't conclude anything at all. This could just mean that they are gearing up for their next products. If so, the fact that there are follow-on products planned is good, not bad news.
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