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Anyone know how to get non-anamorphic DVDs to scale correctly on the Z2?

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I am using a Pioneer DV-59AVi DVD player and I cannot get a properly scaled non-anamorphic DVD image on the Sanyo PLV-Z2.

If anyone knows a DVD player that will accomplish this on the Z2, I would be grateful to hear about it.
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I set my Pioneer DV45a player to output 16x9. I then use either "Normal" mode on my projector to get it to fit 4x3 or I can use "zoom" mode on the projector to get it to fit the screen 16x9. Obviously if you use "zoom" you get a less detailed yet bigger image. If you use the "full" mood, it just makes the picture take up the full panel and look distored in the horizontal plane.

I was kind of p*ssed the other night to find out that the version of "The Rock" (the movie, not the pro wrestler) was non-anamorphic. Who in this day and age would put out a fairly popular action flic as non-anamorphic?
dltf90 - Thanks for your comments on a work-around.

I have been yanking out some old faves in the DVD library and was likewise disappointed to find some fairly recent DVDs in the non-anamorphic format.

I missed checking 'The Rock' as I figured it was new enough to be ok.


I will continue working on this problem and if I find a really good solution I will post it. I bet I will have to buy even more equipment and as soon as I do they will re-release everything in anamorphic!
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