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Anyone know of a processed pre out AVR?

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Im helping a friend set up a HT. I use an entry level Marantz that has pre outs to JBL Pro powered monitors and a sub. I like it but admit to not watching many movies. Mainly just broadcast.

He Likes mine but wanted to go with 3 JBL Pro powered monitors up front. He has two in ceiling rear surround so I figured any old AVR could power those from the rear speaker outputs. The three processed pre outs for the LCR powered monitors is proving hard to find a compatible AVR. Does anyone know one? I guess I could sloppily rig up a L/R rca and a summed L/R Y adapter from the stereo pre out of the Marantz and control the balance with the gains of the Powered monitors but was looking for a cleaner solution.

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Don't try and 'rig' something up for your friend. You need an AVR with a full set
Of pre-outs. Most full size Marantz have a complete set of pre-outs. Lots of
Other brands too. Look for last year models or even refurbished from Accessories4less.com.
Do it right the 1st time.

I suggest a Denon AVR-X3500H. It's a 7.2 AVR, with pre-outs for all channels. No kludging needed. It also has Audyssey XT32/SubEQ, which is the best retail version of that room correction software. It's the lowest end model that has it.
Thanks to both! Will get on it. I was trying to do the receiver and monitors for ~1000. Sub we can figure out later
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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