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Anyone know of any good DTV forums ?

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I'm looking to get DTV service and I remember visiting some sites where they had all different packages on DTV systems with different receivers, etc.

Anyone know of any good DTV / DirectTV sites out there ?
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I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm trying to be a forum cop...

I'm a bit confused about what exactly your trying to figure out. I think my confusion sorta comes down to 'established abbreviations' here at the AVS forum. Maybe take a peek at The Glossary and rephrase your question.

If you are using DTV (digital television) when you are referring to DirecTV (aka D*) then you are at one of the best places. If you want their HD service, then you are in the correct location. If you want their regular service, then there's a section for that. If you want to use their DVR, there's a whole sub forum dedicated to both the SD and HD DirecTivos.

Hmm.... Let me think.... I'm sure there's one around here somewhere...
I think he's look for sites that will sell him a subscription to a provider. I don't know of any though.
If you are looking for pricing the Sunday newspaper seems to have the most info in one place.

Both DirecTV & Dish Network have great deals going..
Hey Wakey,

You're the first person I've seen on this forum from Suwanee. My aunt and uncle have a place down there.........how did Suwanee fare during the hurricanes?
The storms weren't that bad for me.. A few trees came down near me but nothing major.
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