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Anyone know of projector dealers in Wisconsin?

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I live in the Madison area and was wondering if there are any dealers nearby. I don't really want to shell out $100 or more to ship my aforementioned upgrade.
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wow, looking to save a whopping hundred bucks huh? Well if that's really important to you give this place a try
Thanks but thats about 4 hours from me. And yeah, 100 dollars is alot to me. If its chump change to you why don't you give me 100 bucks?
there are people here like Macrosyscom who have driven 8 hours one way to get the machine of their dreams. If 4 hours is a lot to you may I suggest the local Best Buy, they have some great deals for people looking for a cheap and easy solution like an X1 DLP projector.:D
More importantly, many more here have driven 8 hours one way to pick up what turned into the nightmares of their dreams..;)

Precisely what I am trying to avoid...

I think it's fair to say that everybody here values $100 bucks saved, but consider the hobby you're thinking of getting into.

... no Really - think about it...

You're going to need: A good projector, a good screen, audio gear, transcoders, doublers, RGBHV wires, a SPARE projector (for parts), etc...

After everything is setup, you will have problems, hassles, and frustration. Something will need repair, hopefully it'll be something small but maybe it'll be something big - like a replacement HVPS, new boards, or even new tubes.

...and then "upgradeitus" kicks in... (then comes the big bucks)

In the end you'll see things as we do, $100 isn't that much and a 6 hour trip is considered local.

I suggest to you... REALLY think about it.

Good luck in your HT quest!
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If you really want a 'dealer', there's precious few around. There's a bunch of us here on the forum that deal with used CRT's, a lot fewer that deal with new ones.

Talk to Tim Martin, Doug Baisey, Terry Ferentinos, Clarence, or Bruce, sorry if I'm missing anyone.

The plus side is that these sets are 100% modular for the most part. In the rare case of something getting nuked in transit, the sets can be repaired via email or a phone call, and board swaps.

Pjackso - I am already "in" this hobby. I have a 1030 and a screen. I am looking to upgrade. As for all those things you listed that I will have to spend money on, that only goes to show that I should save $100 whenever and wherever I can. I would much rather put the money into those things than shipping costs if at all possible. Make sense?
Curt - I actually don't really care if I find a dealer, I was just trying to lure any fellow Wisconsinites out of the woodwork in the hopes of finding someone nearby that might have a nice mid-range projector for sale.
what do you consider a "mid-range" projector? I think most of the PJs for sale on videogon could be haggled for if you are intent on saving a 100 bucks.
I live on the east coast in Richmond, VA, 20 mins. to two hours from several government surplus sites and of course government surplus central Washington DC. Even so my two buys projector-wise were form Baltimore 2.5 hours each way and Ohio (the best buy) which was 12 hours each way (this in 4 months of looking). I would suspect that I would see 10 projectors for each one you would find in Wisconsin. While you can get lucky it will be awfully lucky to find the projector of your dreams in less than 2-4 hours each way.

I found mine 2 miles from where I work

- but I know Clarence. :)

Yeah I know, I'm not holding out much hope of finding anything good here in Wisconsin...kinda sucks.
By the way how would one go about finding government surplus sites? I am only about 2-3 hours from the Chicago area now that I think about it.

At least you have 6 months of winter to look forward to. :)

Search google for goverment liquidation. - but there are not that many goverment sites around WI with much

Non-FIBTAB sites

WI, Brown, Green Bay

0 lots | View Lots| Site Info

WI, Buffalo,Fountain City

0 lots | View Lots| Site Info

WI, Kewaunee, Kewaunee

0 lots | View Lots| Site Info

WI, Monroe, Sparta

Fax: 8476883155

12 lots | View Map| View Lots| Site Info

but great lakes has some lots:

FIBTAB sites

IL, Dupage, Batavia

0 lots | View Lots| Site Info

IL, La Salle, Ottawa

0 lots | View Lots| Site Info

IL, Lake, Great-Lakes

Fax: 8476883155

245 lots | View Map| View Lots| Site Info

IL, Madison,Scott/Granite City

Fax: 6183460105

3 lots | View Map| View Lots| Site Info

IL, Peoria, Peoria

0 lots | View Lots| Site Info

IL, Rock-Island, Rock Island

Fax: 3097866740

52 lots | View Map| View Lots| Site Info

IL, Sangamon,Springfield

0 lots | View Map| View Lots| Site Info

I get yelled at when I tell.

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Now the darn things will be bid even higher! I'm with others who have found that there is a lot of junk being unloaded at auctions. 1'm currently 1 out of 3 PJs from GL that was a bargain and I only got to use the tubes from this one. All the others have required many parts and time to get right. Oh, I saved $150 on shipping, but it required a 9 hour drive (one way). Anyway, I did get to see a Marine Corp base and GL warehouse as part of the deal.
9 hours?!?! Holy crap! The money spent on gas round trip is more than shipping! :)
Pete, the only thing that will save you from our wrath at this point now that you've told all is to send each one of us one of your models to be at our command for 20 minutes.. no, make that 20 days.

Originally posted by mcastleberg
By the way how would one go about finding government surplus sites? I am only about 2-3 hours from the Chicago area now that I think about it.
There is one in Great Lakes, IL. But don't forget you need to make two trips. One to inspect and then another, assuming you win, to pickup. Keep in mind there is a whole lot of junk out there. There were a couple of folks burned here in the last month. The absolute cheapest option I have found is university surplus auctions. I know somebody who got three Barco 808 models with 3000-5000 hours and mint to lightly used tubes for $150 (for the three) at a State Univ. auction. Back a year ago I just missed an Barco 1208 at a Univ. auction for $450 (got lost and thus was late). Of course the problem with this is it is all very hit or miss. Projector hunting is a journey not a destination especially if you are Clarence.
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