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I have a Mits 65" RPTV, model WS-65907, that has bigger problems than I want to pay to fix. Apparently, one or two of the tubes leaked coolant which then ate through a couple of the circuit boards. The repair guy says I need to replace all three tubes and two circuit boards. I'm waiting for the estimate (if parts are even available), but I think it is going to be way more than I want to spend given that I only use this TV rarely since moving to a smaller house where it just doesn't fit well.

So...does anyone want or know someone who wants it for parts in the Seattle, WA area? I know that some people who still have these old CRT RPTVs love 'em and Mits doesn't make them anymore. I hate to see it go to the garbage dump if someone can use it.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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