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Hi Guys

I have a AE3000 with almost brand new bulb around 240 hours of use.....:D

OK this is not a new projector but I have a new bulb. in fact it is the original bulb. it is only used 240 hours in my old office.

sadly lightning knocked off my HDMI ports... all of them. (first one port then the other two):mad::crying::crying:

analog ports vga, video, etc are working. but who uses those...

so now i need a new digital board, HDMI board.:confused:

Please PM me, write here, if you want to get rid of / sell your hdmi board.

there must be many members here, with and old AE3000 lying around with a dead bulb.

Alternatively anyone interested in my bulb. (it is has never been removed or replaced or reset)


Dear moderators

Thanks for also deleting my other POST with explanations, for "bumping list"!


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