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Anyone order D-VHS from e-Cost

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I figure at $7.49 and free shipping (what's this handling crap?) they are a good deal.

This was my order

[Line Item Information]

Item Number: 967238

Description: DF420AU DVHS Tape 420 Minute (7 Hour) D-VHS Video Cassette

High Capacity Storage

Quantity: 1

Price: $18.54

Item Number: 967239

Description: 5-Hour DVHS Tape (DV300AU) 300 Minute (5 Hour) D-VHS Video

Cassette High Capacity Storage

Quantity: 5

Price: $7.49

[Order Totals]

SubTotal: $55.99

Shipping: $0.00

Handling & Processing Fee: $4.95

Tax: n/a

Grand Total: $60.94
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Greg, I've been using S-VHS tape in my 30k with no problems. You can either press the DVHS button after putting the S-VHS tape in, or use a soldering iron to melt an indicator hole so the S tape looks like a D tape to the VCR. I used a tape cover as a jig and converted a whole batch of s tape in just a few minutes. You need a D tape for the sake of comparison. Turn it upside-down with the door facing away from you.On the right edge you will see an additional hole about 7/8" from the label edge, 1/4" from the right side of the tape (right in the middle of the groove running the width of the tape).

About $6.50 each is the cheapest I could find S-VHS tapes locally. Do you have a cheaper source? What's funny is, I have a 8 year old Maxell S-VHS that I've recorded over about 4 times now. It works great in the D-VHS mode.
I've ordered all of mine from ecost and had no problem with the order or the tapes.
Order tapes from tapewarehouse.com You will not find a better place to buy your tapes.
It was one of the few places with lower cost 420s. Usually order from Tape Resources, but eCost had the 420s and did a good job. No probs.
Greg, Matt is correct about Tape Warehouse. I've never ordered from their website as I live about 2 miles from them in Atlanta. FWIW, they are a real B&M store and have very knowledgeable & helpful employees. Their S tapes are $ 3.75 - $ 4.50, D-VHS tapes start at ~ $ 7.25.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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